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Keeping with the spirit of our mission to “Share America’s National Music – The Blues” and as our way of saying Thank You this Holiday Season to all of our fans, we’re launching the Give A Gift & Receive A Gift of Blues Music Magazine. 

Send a gift of the blues this year and Blues Music Magazine will match the number of issues and add them to your membership. If you’re a new subscriber we’ll add the same number of issues to your new membership.

We’ll also send a gift card email to the recipient (if they have email) letting them know where the gift came from and all the benefits of membership.

Send the gift or gifts to friends, family, co-workers, blues buddies, or send it to yourself. That’s okay too, we won’t tell anyone and you’ll get a two for one value subscription added to your membership or new account! 

Send as many as you want to anyone in the world, you’re sharing America’s National Music, The Blues! 

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1) Please add the shipping address and email address (if applicable) in the first field on the product page and a saluation in the second field.

2) If you’re sending the gift to yourself just enter “Send Both To Me” is the first field.
3) IMPORTANT: Already renewed for several years or are you a lifetime member? Enter two address and send the gift to two different friends.

Send A Gift Certificate or Buy one for yourself and earn a store credit as our gift to you!