Blues Music Sampler # 42

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Click the album cover which will open a window on your computer and choose where to save the song. Enjoy the music.  

1) Eden Brent – “Getaway Blues” from the album Getaway Blues on Yellow Dog Records

2) J.P Soars – “Things Ain’t Working Out” from the album Brick By Brick on Little Village Foundation

3) The Fabulous Thunderbirds – “Struck Down By The Blues” from the album Struck Down on Stony Plain Records

4) Albert Castiglia featuring Kevin Burt - “Mama, I Love You” from the album Righteous Souls on Gulf Coast Records

5) Nick Gravenites with Pete Sears – “Blues Back Off Of Me” from the album Rogue Blues on M.C Records

6) Mick Kolassa featuring Doug MacLeod – “Did You Ever Wonder” from the album All Kinds Of Blues on Endless Blues Records

7) Lara Price – “Days Ago” from the album Half & Half on Gulf Coast Records

8) Tas Cru Band – “One Eyed Jack” from the album Live on Subcat Records

9) Deb Ryder – “Temporary Insanity” from the album Live And Havin’ Fun on VizzTone Label Group

10) Damon Fowler - “Grab My Hand” from the album Barnyard Smile on Landslide Records

11) Chris “BadNews” Barnes – “His Majesty The Baby” from the album BadNews Travels Fast on Gulf Coast Records

12) Dennis Jones - “Condition Blue” from the album About Time on Blue Rock Records

All 12 Songs In A Zip File