The Double CD Sample Club Is a physical double CD sampler with 24 songs included in each of the next 4 issues of Blues Music Magazine

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Benefits of the Sampler Club

1) 2 CDs, 24 Songs, in July, October, January, and April.  2) 4 Double CD Samplers With 96 Songs. 

3) These CD Samplers will not be available for sale, they're only for members of Blues Music Magazine.

Double CD Sampler Club Vol #1 - CDs 1 & 2 - 24 Songs Vol #1 - CD #1

Duke Robillard

Frank Bey

Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones

"Don't Bother To Try To Steal Her Love"

"Gun Toting Preacher"

"Sweet Poison"

Dawn Tyler Watson

Jontavious Willis

Nick Schnebelen

"Feels Good To Watch You Go"

"The Blues Is Dead?"

"I Leaned My Heart On You"

The B.B. King Blues Band

Fiona Boyes

Willie Buck

"Pocket Full Of Money"

"Call Their Name"

"The Men Ought To Learn (To Treat A Woman Right)"

Tom Hambridge

David Julia

Albert Castiglia

"The End Of The Road"

"If Only"

"Red Tide Blues"

Double CD Sampler Club Vol #1 - CDs 1 & 2 - 24 Songs Vol#1 - CD #2

Mighty Mike Schermer

Manx Marriner Mainline

Benny Turner & Cash McCall

"She Won't Be Coming Back"

"Hell Bound For Heaven"


Kevin Burt

Rachelle Coba

Matt Anderson


"Bad Reputation"

"Better Than You Want"

Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith

Tony Campanella

Rockin' Johnny Burgin & Quique Gomez

"Scratchin' Your Head"

"Pack It Up"

"Everybody Loves My Baby"

Chris O'Leary

Katarina Pejak

Rick Vito

"She Ain't Coming Back"

"The Harder You Kick"

"She's Just Too Fine"

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Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson

Mitch Woods

Harpdog Brown

"Keep It Simple"

"Mojo Mambo"

"Reefer Lovin' Woman"

Ally Venable

Big Joe & The Dynaflows

Brandon Santini

"One Sided Misunderstanding"

"I'm A Country Boy"

"Back To You"

Big Daddy Wilson

Meg Williams

J.P. Soars

"Deep In My Soul"

"Little Bit Of The Devil"

"Born In California"

Watermelon Slim

Cliff Stevens

John Clifton

"Post-Modern Blues"

"World Of Worry"

"Four Years Ago"